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Infrastructure Management

IT operations cost optimized

Maintaining an optimized IT infrastructure can be a daunting and demanding task – both in terms of the cost and time. A huge number of organizations spend a majority of their IT budgets on software and support services including software purchase, installations, management, administration, training and troubleshooting. It becomes imperative for specific industries and businesses to incur these expenses, since IT downtime can have serious business implications.

M3 Technology’s IT Infrastructure Management Services suite is a comprehensive set of services designed to help prevent cost leakages and optimal utilization of their IT investments by improving availability, reliability and performance.

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Infrastructure Management

Leave IT to us.

Managing the IT infrastructure & operations can prove to be an expensive affair, not just for the hardware & software cost, but also the human resources required to manage it all. M3 Technology’s IT outsourcing service takes care of the entire spectrum of activities for your business in an efficient & cost- effective way. Our award-winning support teams and team leads are trained & experienced in managing some of the most complex IT environments in USA region.

Our team of experts not only take control of your existing infrastructure, but also optimize it to give you an ever-evolving IT system, that’s secure, robust, reliable and efficient through an SLA based service process that has been recognized by some of the biggest IT manufacturers in the world.

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IT Security solutions

Keep your business secure from physical & digital threats.

With most modern-day businesses relying heavily on IT infrastructure for their daily operations, it becomes extremely critical to implement effective preventive systems, securing both the IT as well as the physical environment.

Experts at M3 Technology asses the potential security threats and recommend comprehensive security solutions to secure the business endpoints, communication systems, gateways, mail servers and office premises.

M3 Security solutions
M3 Security solutions by M3 Technology focuses on implementing a custom-designed model for information security based on a business risk approach, in order to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, and maintain information security in real-time.
M3 Security services include:
➢ End-Point Security solutions
➢ Email Security
➢ Virtualization Security
➢ Threat Management Solutions
➢ Mobile Security

Infrastructure Security solutions
Infrastructure security solutions by M3 Technology focuses on creating a secure environment at the workplace by checking unauthorized access to office premises and preventing data-theft and misuse by the work force. Infrastructure security services include:

➢ Biometric & Access Control
➢ Data Center Security
➢ Surveillance Solutions

Networking Solutions

Agile, secure & uninterrupted.

Managing a multi-dimensional communication network can be cumbersome. M3 help implement a converged networking system that brings telephony, data and multimedia on a single high performance, highly secure network.

Our team of certified experts offer tailor-made networking solutions to converge all communication & data exchange touchpoints on a single-secure network. This results in reduction in operational expenses & network downtime while delivering optimum performance. Our service portfolio includes design, provision, installation and management of the network.

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